How do you make your home stand out in a buyer's market? A variety of small home remodels and upgrades can do wonders for home sellers who are willing to try a new approach to move their property, according to Business Insider.

Some key projects home sellers can do to make their house for sale more attractive to prospective home buyers include caulking small cracks and holes in walls, trimming bushes and trees, adding a coat of paint to the home's exterior or interior, and pressure washing the driveway. None of these projects are too labor intensive, Business Insider reports, but could be the difference in selling a home for sale.

U.S. News and World Report states larger-scale projects could help substantially as well, but home sellers without significant cash on hand for these projects may want to focus solely on smaller plans around the home.


Flexibility can be helpful

Home sellers who have had their homes for sale on the market for a considerable length of time might want to consult with their real estate agents to help them figure out ways they can get home buyers to make offers, Business Insider reports.

While home sellers shouldn't give in to every request a home buyer makes just so they can sell their home quicker, home sellers should be willing to negotiate various terms to move the sale along.

According to Business Insider, home sellers that are flexible with home buyers get closer to getting them to buy their property. Ways a home seller can advance the home-buying process include offering help with closing costs and adding in appliances already in the home as part of the sale.