Finding a Great School in Georgia's Lake Country

Deciding what you want in a school is no simple task. When you imagine the best school for your child, you may picture colorful classrooms, dynamic teachers, a wealth of enriching extracurricular activities, and stellar test scores - all of which are readily available in Georgia's Lake Country!

This simple, step-by-step guide will help you prioritize the factors you’re looking for in a school.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Consider the academic, school environment, extracurricular, and practical factors that are important to your child and your family.

Step 2: Prioritize

Review each of your lists and number each factor in order of importance to your family. While all the factors on your wish list may play some role in your decision, it’s unlikely that any school will offer everything you’re looking for. The goal of this exercise is to clarify which qualities you can live without — and which are deal breakers.

Step 3: Find schools that match your family’s needs

After doing this exercise and discussing the public, private, and advanced education alternatives with your family, you’ll have a much clearer picture of your ideal school. Now you’re ready to start your school search. Check out individual school profiles below where we narrow your search to specific links where you’ll find information about curriculum, achievement, teacher-student data, and much more.

Click here for area Public Schools

Click here for area Private Schools

Click here for area Advanced Education Schools/Universities

And finally…

Remember that the best way to find out whether a school is a good fit for your child is to spend some time there. To make the most of your school visits, take along this handy school visit guide from